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Responsibly Sourced

We are at the start of our journey for being responsible for our environmental impact on the world. 

Our commitment to you is to ensure we strive to be as eco-conscious as we possibly can, by making thoughtful choices to ensure we are protecting our planet for future generations. 

We aim to be as honest and  transparent on everything from where we source our garments, to how they are made and what they are made from. 

We carefully select manufacturers that hold being responsible to our planet in line with our brand values.

Who makes our garments?

One of our brand values is honesty, we want to give you full traceability and share with you where our garments are made. We work with suppliers in Bangladesh and India. Our suppliers produce low volume pieces through independent contracted workers operating from a shared workspace. 

Our suppliers sign up to the below pledges. 

Social welfare -  they ensure that all their workers earn a living wage.

Transparency - they work tirelessly to ensure they know the people behind the products, not just the factories.

Low carbon footprint - they work on numerous projects within global sustainable development.

Recycling - they use recycled or responsibly sourced materials where possible. 

The suppliers we use regularly carries out yearly audits to ensure fair, safe and healthy work conditions.